Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Feed Distiller now open to the public

Welcome to Feed Distiller, after one year of development, Feed Distiller is open for business. We providing a free service to anyone, but primarily aimed at bloggers, researchers, and interest groups. What we go is combine blog feeds, any amount of blog feeds, on any subject. All you need to do is provide a list of RSS or Atom blog feed addresses, and at least one reference pages. And blog distiller will create a new blog feed contain just the items that match the reference page. Its simple to use, and its free since, we put advertising on the public feeds we create. All we ask is that you register before using the Feed Distiller service.

If that wasn't enough, we also provide a service to search for new blog feeds. It borrows Googles AJAX search API, then screens the results for blog feed addresses. You can use the Feed Finder without even needing to register, but if you have, it will let you add the results straight into your Feed lists.

Development on Feed Distiller hasn't stopped, nor is it likely ever too. A selection of layouts and themes is coming. Plus a several stages of improvement to our AI engine are coming in the next few months, very soon your be-able to select output articles, as matching or not, to further improve the results. Somewhen to come, Feed Distiller professional, will be a payed for service, displaying the resulting blog feed on your own page, without any of our adverts.

Join Feed Distiller now and have a world of knowledge dancing before your fingertips.

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