Thursday, 25 September 2008

Just Launched BlogKnox

Less than two months after the launch of Feed Distiller, we've have enough public blog feeds to make it worth, launching a new site to display all that wonderful, and possible useful information.

Called BlogKnox, our fifth try to find a name that wasn't already used. It is indeed a a gold mine of information, even if, with a thrice daily rollover of items, its not exactly a storage center.

Meanwhile, we've improved are blogging engine, adding pictures to the items, where we can find them, and got system relatively stable. Plenty more bug fixing to do as we have to deal with RSS and ATOM feeds that often don't fit with there W3C designed rules. Soon to come will be a major revision of the AI engine which will give everyone the chance to improve its accuracy, many times over. Stay tuned.

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